All-on-4 review: “You guys do great work and that’s why I’m here.”

We are back with another All-on-4 testimonial video from our patients. We keep having people from all over the world coming to get their all on 4 dental implants from our dentists in Cancun. If you are also looking for options you will soon realize that no one does what we do. We offer a clear price, thorough assistance during your planning and the most extensive customer service that any other dental service provider could have. Patients have saved thousands of dollars on their treatment, because All-on-4 costs $60,000 USD approximately in the USA and Canada. But not here! In Cancun you will pay just about a third of that and still be able to have a vacation while you wait for your dental work to get done. All-on-4 is one of the most advanced implant denture alternatives and you will be able to eat normally in just 10 days. Here we have the video review of one of our patients talking about his experience:



Hello we are here with our patient Bill, Bill from Canada. Tell us bill, what did you think about your treatment? I know that you had another surgery, in your mouth, tell us what happened to you, first of all?

My jaw, I don’t know why, but it started growing crooked. I probably got hit in sports or something. It was rewired and put back in place and that was quite a few years ago, actually.

I went to my dentist at home and I needed 4 root canals plus caps or whatever they needed to do… so it was going to be really expensive at home. I heard from other people that you guys do great work and that’s why I’m here.

You got an all-on-4 on bottoms.

I can taste just as much as I ever did and it doesn’t hurt at all. It was painless so. It was great. I want to come back and get my top teeth capped as well, because they need attention as well.

Yeah your facility is state of the art. So they have everything here, very professional. The doctors are great, this is my doctor here! I can’t ask for any better people.

Well, we have another happy patient and you can be another one! Thank you so much!



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