Philip’s All-on-4 Testimonial

Our All-on-4 dental implants in Cancun are the most affordable alternative you will ever find. Our patients have compared prices of All-on-4 from all over the world and realized we are the top choice to do it in Mexico. We always have all-on-4 price deals so you should contact our dental planners and doctors to check what promotion is available as we speak.

Dental implant dentures in USA usually will require you to keep coming for appoints for several months, up to a year to finish up your new teeth. We can provide a solution in just 10 days during a single vacation in Cancun. One of our dear doctors, Doctor Krishna, took the time to make a small video testimonial with our dear patient Phillip. Check it out below.


Hi I’m Doctor Krishna, and here we are with the patient Philip from North Carolina, he just came to get an All-On-4. So can you tell us a little bit about your experience, we’re so happy that you’re here.

Thank you, thank you, I’m glad to being here, best I have done in a long time, from North Carolina, I had the All-On-4 upper and lower performed, totally happy with everything that happened. I researched this procedure for about a year before I came, I knew after few months I was coming here, I just had to get few things straight, I researched the procedure more and more and more.

It was… How can they do it, they do it!, It is no pain, no puffiness, ten days, is done, other places it is takes 3, 6, 9 months with the same procedure. Very very happy with the whole experience.

What about the clinic itself, all installations and then the staff that we have in here.

This is a top notch facility, it is, you walk in the door, the greeters walk you in, walking back, many patients have an all type of procedure done. The attention to detail was just you know, beyond a cold, dentist office is like in the States, you feel like in your house here.

What do you think when you have the chance to walk around waited to do this for a long way time and glad I’ve done it, every day I was like I came when I get there, it was like what do you expect. And a research from a year, but now it is done I see how is gonna chance my life every day, every minute, every conversation I have, on my professional life, I’m in sales, I mean real state. You know, people wanna see a professional person, you may wanna just do it for you is chewing and eating and health, but my family, being proud of being around me, every minute, every day this is gonna make the different and this people are been my heroes, guess there other people they can do in the world, but come here you’ll be glad you did couse’ I can’t speaking anymore holly of this place. The lack pain, the low costs, the beautiful scenery, I mean are palms trees absolutely every day, I mean they’re my heroes, I can’t say thank you enough. I can now retell how’s gonna change me.

We’re really happy that you decide it to do that and we are happy to help you out this much, alright? And would be really happy to see you again and we say happy a lot couse’ you’re really happy.

Well thank you so much for watching, and that’s it.

Thank you!

All on 4 Happy Patient: Catherine!

Catherine came all the way from Oregon for All-on-4 dental implants after doing a lot of research online about our reputation and work. At first she didn’t knew anything about All-on-4 or implant dentures, but she wanted an alternative solution for regular dentures. She found out our dental clinic and Doctor German Arzate had the best and most reviews for this treatment and for the best price tag. She was also convinced by the wonderful videos we have on youtube.  She even reached out to some of our patients to confirm the results and in all their reviews they would tell her only positive things about getting an All-on-4 smile makeover.

Catherine also used the instant web chat at our page (you can see it under the “WE ARE HERE!” arrow on the bottom left corner of the window) to talk to one of our Dental Planners, Claudia, so she would ask all her questions. Claudia was very helpful and answered everything to the best of her knowledge so Catherine could make an informed decision.

In the end, Catherine even booked a little more time in Cancun just to make sure her treatments were finished. We usually only require 10 days to do an All-on-4, but in this particular case, Catherine additionally got gorgeous zirconia crowns on the bottom. Everything turned out just fine in the time we had expected so she was able to enjoy more of Cancun and relax in her resort.

This was not the first time Catherine came for vacation in Cancun, so she was much more confident about what to expect while traveling from United States. She told us many people believe getting these dental treatments in Mexico would be risky and in a shady place like an alley, but nothing could be further from the truth. She was blown away by our state of the art dental clinic and the professionalism of all our staff.

She’s pictured above with Doctor Wilmer Travieso, Doctor German Arzate, Doctor Victoria Jaramillo, and Lilian from customer care.


You can also become a patient like Catherine. All-on-4 in Cancun is one of the least expensive alternatives to dentures as a permanent solution, short of Snap in Dentures. If you want to know more call toll free from USA and Canada 1-800-701-6039, we will be happy to answer all your questions!