All on 4 in Cancun activities: Spring Equinox!

When it comes to dental implant vacations in Cancun, there are several activities that you cannot miss, depending on the season.

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Dental Implants History & Nobel Biocare

Replacing lost natural teeth with dental implants to overcome the problem of loosing teeth has been an option for a very long time. But why people loose their teeth? Who came up with the idea of replace the lost ones with dental implants?

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All on 4 Cleaning Routine

When coming for a dental vacation in Cancun to have All on 4 dental implants procedure, many patients ask us if their cleaning routine will be much different or difficult with their new screw retained teeth.

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Titanium: the best material for Dental Implants?

There is evidence that humans have attempted to replace missing teeth with different types of dental implants for thousands of years back in the past.

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All on 4 in Cancun: Visit the Underwater Museum!

If you’re coming to Cancun to get All on 4 Dental Implants, there’s several activities that you can do in between appointments. One of our attractions is The Underwater Museum (MUSA), and is something that you cannot miss while visiting your dentist in Cancun!

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She saved thousands of dollars on her All-on-4 procedure.

She was quoted over $60,000 USD for All-on-4 in USA, but the cost of her dental treatment in Cancun was only $20,000 USD. Saved up to 70% with the deals and promotions available! Make sure to ask us about the current special deals we have! This can be the way you smile again in just 10 days!


Patient: I decided in the beginning, two weeks ago to start my own documentaries, mainly for everyone back in the States.

German: Yes?

Patient: For my family and for all the people in America who are struggling with deciding: “Should we go?” “Is a big risk”. You know: “We don´t know”.

Patient: Well, starting for my young age I always had very crowded teeth, and I never received braces, I also had a lot of natural birth defects in my mouth, including a large tori on the top roof palate of my mouth. Back home we started to see a prosthodontist in the US and the prices were really high, being mother of seven children we couldn´t afford that, I don´t know too many people who can. We decided to take the a home equity loan out, to pay which would give us twenty five thousand to go towards just the top part of my mouth, so I was googling and all of a sudden Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. German, it was just popping from right to left, here and there, and I managed to get through to the clinic, for the amount of money that we were getting just to have a few things done, we were able to pay for everything here, pay for someone else’s passport, two round trip tickets, both of us to get passports, we got a tour, we went to Isla Mujeres.

German: Back home would be like fifty to sixty thousand. How much you paid here?

Patient: Uh, no. Back home for my particular procedure, what we just said, I was courted by ninety grand.

German: And how much you paid here?

Patient: I paid twenty thousand, it is the special…

German: Yeah, we have a special offer for the All-on-4, uppers and lowers, and it was done in how many days ago?

Patient: It’s been one week exactly today since my surgery.

German: How many teeth we extracted?

Patient: Thirteen

German: Thirteen teeth out? Bone leveling. We installed All-on-4 uppers, all-on-4 lowers, that´s the result, look at that smile!

Patient: I´ve had enough of a lot of surgeries, I´m actually, legally disabled. You wouldn’t know it, but I had my hip replaced, had my back done, and I had a lot of teeth work done, obviously. Uh, is the only way to go. If you are gonna have dental work done, because you have to talk to the… they have to be able give responses out of you, but you don´t remember it, so that´s the best way to go!

German: Eating and chewing?

Patient: Yesterday was my first day, I´m still learning, I am learning to talk and all over again, it´s different than partials which I have had previously, so I´m learning to talk again, I´m learning to eat again, and now I´m learning to actually sleep with teeth, because I used to take my partials out at night, without the nasty, yucky glue, I´m so glad the glue is gone.

Patient: Everybody has been really amazing there from the very get go, back in the USA, from the communication, I would say, you know, their main mean of communication is online, online chatting or emailing, but I get quicker responses I got back from the doctor’s offices in the US, when I arrived, everyone is so friendly, and kind, and generous, humble, that´s very important, very eager to please and on top of that perfectionists, this place is so pretty and the locals.

German: Locals, yes!

Patient: The locals, the people in Cancun are amazing.

German: Yes, we are, we do things with love, here is pretty safe, there are more to see than Puerto Cancun

Patient: We never felt like we were in danger, we eventually started walking, from a hotel that is just a mile away from the clinic, and we never felt in danger or compromised in any way.
German: I wanna thank you, I wanna thank everyone for watching us, give us your like in our social media. I´m Dr. Arzate, here in sunny Cancun, and bye!

Patient: Bye!

German: Now you are part of the family.

Patient: Of course!

German: Of course!

Patient: In Cancun, in Mexico, once you have been here you are part of the family!


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Smiles, Sings & Enjoy with the All On 4 Cancun

Lives the All-On-4, dental implants in Cancun Experience!

Are you thinking about rebuilding your smile but do not know where? The choice is yours, but let us tell you a little about what is the experience of having All On 4, dental implants in Mexico.

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All on 4: Happy Patient Deborah!

We want to thank our patient Deborah, who came from Louisiana, USA to get All on 4 with Dr. German Arzate while having amazing dental vacations!

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Dental Implants in Cancun!

Cancun is without a doubt the Mexico’s most visited beach destinations and one of the top 5 of Latin America. We are the leaders in dental tourism in Cancun, take advantage of our low prices and get cheap dental implants in Cancun, while you enjoy this paradise.

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All on 4 Happy Patient!

We want to thank our patient Bill, who came from Covington, Virginia to get All on 4 dental implants with Dr. German Arzate while having amazing dental implants vacations!

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