How can I clean my All-on-4 dental implant teeth?

How can I clean my All-on-4 dental implant teeth?

One of the most common questions we get when people look for All-on-4 in Cancun is if they will be able to clean their all-on-4 dental implants like normal teeth or if they will need to do something in special. We are always happy to explain the details to our patients. To start off, we must remember your new teeth will actually be mounted on a strong screw retained titanium bar. The bar and the “fake teeth” will be done from a wax copy of your own mouth so they will stay in place without moving.


Now, there are people that claim these types of “implant dentures” do not work because even though they might be a perfect fit, some food debris might still get into some crevices and will lead to gum disease or other problems. What they don’t tell you is there are ways to clean the “inside” without doing a complete maintenance of your teeth. For this you will be using a water irrigator, also known as water flosser. This is a small device that pumps out a stream of pressured water to clean places in your mouth where the toothbrush and regular floss cannot get. In fact, water irrigators are so good we also recommend using them even if you still have all your teeth. They do an excellent job getting rid of the biofilm and the plaque build up around the base of the teeth.


Using the water flosser will help you prevent complications with food debris whether you have All-on-4 implants, regular implants or even porcelain crowns. Besides your normal brushing it is recommended to use the water irrigator once a day before going to sleep.


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