How are Nobel Biocare dental implants made?

How are Nobel Biocare dental implants made?


One of the questions we get a lot is “how are Nobel Biocare dental implants different from other brands”? The answer is very complex, but we can say it boils down to the extremely high standards on the production of their dental implants. The high-tech quality protocols used produce their dental implants make other brands pale in comparison. Nobel Biocare is a provider of an extensive assortment of implants and surgical protocols. This renowned Swedish company has been leading the industry for more than 30 years.

The process to create their dental implants starts with a thin rod of titanium alloy, the most biocompatible material used in a wide range of medical applications. A single rod will be used to create about 200 dental implants. The rod will be placed on a device that will spin it, as computerized tools slim down exposed end, cutting treads into it.

The final piece is cut to length to be hollowed out but a computerized drill. This will help to screw down the abutment and the porcelain crown to the implant once the bone has healed.

A camera will take photos of the implant from all angles to analyze and ensure the dimensions are right and there are no imperfections. The dental implant is later cleaned from oils and other contaminants with the help of a vapor degreasing machine. The implant is later placed on a bath of acid with a electricity current to anodize the surface and to make it porous. This will help bone to bind itself to the implant.

The final cleaning will involve placing them inside a tank of hot purified water, but instead of boiling it through heat, the machines will use high frequency sound-waves into the water, making bubbles to gently “scrub” down the dental implant. Now, the sterilized implant is ready to be placed on a tube, where it will only taken out when it is time to set it onto the jaw or maxilla of the patient.




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