Difference between All on 4 and other dental Implant treatments

Difference between All on 4 and other dental Implant treatments


There’s no doubt that dental implants offers the most secure anchor and the best results for dental restorations. However, there are different treatments to choose. Here, we’re going to explain the differences between All on 4 and traditional dental Implant treatments, so you know which can be the best for you.

Traditional dental Implant treatments

Traditional dental implants requires a minimum of 2 oral surgeries. In the initial procedure, the dental implants will be inserted into the bone. Once those are placed, you need time to real and integrate with the jawbone to act as teeth roots. The healing process takes about 3 to 6 months.

After this, you will need another surgery to attach the abutment and crown to complete the dental restoration. To be a candidate for traditional implants you need to have a good bone density for Implant support.

All on 4

All on 4 is a procedure that act as an anchor for a full permanent denture. Unlike traditional dental implants, this treatment requires only one visit because of the special technique used to place the implants. In only one trip you can return home with a full mouth restoration!

Ideal candidates include the following:

Patients who need to replace an entire arch or set of teeth
Patients who already use dentures but are not comfortable with them
Patients with loss bone density to support traditional dental implants

Remember that All on 4 is a non removable and palateless denture! It feels like your own teeth and only requires basic dental hygiene.

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