A mixed dental implant solution with All-on-4

A mixed dental implant solution with All-on-4

For today’s post about All-on-4, we will talk about our dear patient June Penny who made a video about her journey to get the smile of her dreams. It all started about three years ago, when June began doing extensive research about implant dentures and her possible options to perform this procedure. She found out about our dental implant clinic in Cancun, and decided to get in touch with us.

At the time, she couldn’t afford the whole All-on-4 treatment so, instead, she decided to get Snap in Dentures in the meantime. What’s the difference between Snap in Dentures and All-on-4? The difference is quite easy. Snap in Dentures are adapted dentures with o-rings that can be removed from the mouth and stay in place with the help of mini implants. They don’t have roof of the palate either so the patient can still enjoy the normal flavors of food and don’t worry about the usual gag reflex that accompanies regular dentures.


Snap in Dentures are removable and after a year, she felt she was ready to take the next step. She liked her Snap in Dentures but she had always had in mind getting a “permanent” solution in All-on-4 dental implants. When she returned a year later, she got All on 4 implants on the top arch of her mouth. She had decided to wait and save enough to do this in Cancun too, as All on 4 in USA was about 35,000 USD per bridge!


June suggests other people who are suffering pain because of bad teeth, that they get the all-on-4 protocol if they can, because, while Snap in Dentures are very practical, she feels that nothing beats for the bridge to be fixed.
In the following video, June explains at length about her experience and decision about upgrading to a fixed titanium dental bridge with All-on-4 implants.


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