All on 4: Happy Patient Deborah!

All on 4: Happy Patient Deborah!

We want to thank our patient Deborah, who came from Louisiana, USA to get All on 4 with Dr. German Arzate while having amazing dental vacations!

She had a lot of dental problems and extensive dental work previously and needed a permanent solution for her teeth problems, because she was tired of being ashamed and wanted her smile back!
When he started thinking about All on 4 dental implants one year ago, she first looked with doctors near home in USA, but the average cost was between 60,000 USD and 80,000 USD, and the lowest price she found was 45,000 USD.

It was very expensive for her, almost impossible to do it.
She came across with us on internet while looking for other options with dental implants in other countries. Because of our low prices, she decided to come to a dentist in Cancun for her All on 4, with Dr. German Arzate and enjoy amazing dental vacations in our white sand beaches.
She was amazed with our clinic and work quality and went home very happy with her new smile and after 10 days of relaxation in Cancun!

Deborah, you were an amazing patient! Thank you for trusting us your oral health!
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You can contact our team of experts and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We can provide you information about All-on-4 in general as well as give you a free online evaluation with our doctors. They will review your case to make sure you are a candidate for this procedure and offer other alternative solutions if available. We have won several customer service awards because we give our patients all the attention they need and answer all their questions, and even assisting them to plan their dental vacation to Cancun. Whatever you need, we are here to help you out!

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