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All on 4 Happy Patient!

All on 4 is an awesome procedure that without any doubt, is one of the best options for you to replace your denture. Now we are writing this post to show you one of our happy patients that knows how great is this procedure.

He got this Nobel Biocare certified treatment in our dental clinic in Cancun and we are going to share you a bit about his great experience getting dental implant vacations in Cancun.

His name is Ulmer, he is 48 and he lives in Dallas, Texas. He told us that this was the very first time he came to Cancun, he decided to come to this wonderful place to get All on 4 after doing some research and notice that the price in the U.S was too expensive for the exactly same procedure and if he opt for traveling to get their All on 4 with our dentist in Cancun it was still going to be huge savings compared with the U.S prices.

It took him about a year to finally make the choice to get all on 4 and decided to come here and got their treatment he is very happy with the decision of coming to Cancun and get amazing dental implant vacations. During his vacations he has been enjoying the relaxed atmosphere at the beach and at the hotel and he told us that our dental clinic was the nicest dentist office he has ever experienced, and our staff is very friendly, confident and professional.

Remember that All on 4 procedure can only be well performed by the ones that are certified by Nobel Biocare. This is the company that with Dr. Paulo Maló, created the protocol and teaches only doctors with extensive implantology experience how to perform the dental treatment.

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