All on 4 Happy Patient: Alfredo!

All on 4 Happy Patient: Alfredo!

Last month we had a visit of an amazing patient who came for All-on-4 dental implants in Cancun. Alfredo is a Mexican/American living in Chicago and he was looking for alternatives to single implants and dentures. He had some partials but these weren’t enough for him now.


Alfredo learned about Doctor German Arzate doing All-on-4 and watched many of his videos. He decided to go for it because he could tell Doctor German Arzate had plenty of experience with dental implants and mouth restoration, as well as the fees. The estimate he had from his dentist in USA was about $50,000 USD, and he would only have to pay half of that here in Cancun.


Even as a Mexican, this was also his first time in Cancun. Alfredo took this opportunity to go shopping and to go sightseeing around the several shopping malls in the city.  In fact, we are located right at the heart of one of the most popular shopping malls, about 5 minutes from the entrance of the Hotel Zone in Cancun. Here you will find high end stores, souvenirs, cinemas and even a supermarket.


Alfredo was looked after by our doctors and the rest of the staff supported him on every step of the treatment answering questions and making sure he was having a good experience.


This is a message he left for us and the rest of the staff:

Thanks for everything! Thanks to each and everyone of you who worked on my treatment. Everyone did their best so I would feel comfortable and made me feel at ease. I felt great! We will come back in a few months!


We feel very proud to have helped Alfredo regain his smile again. We will see him later on to check on his All on 4  Nobel Biocare dental implants and make sure everything is doing just fine. If you want to know more about Dental Implants in Cancun call toll free from USA and Canada 1-800-701-6039.

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